About Our Muscles

Name: George Thompson

Muscular Profession: The weight room is my kingdom

Favorite Gym: Gold’s Gym

Healthy Tips: Protein and more protein! Write everything down or get an app to help you keep track of your schedule. Treat your muscles like a job but love working them out like it’s not!




Name: Lily Thompson

Muscular Profession: Married to George and supportive of his muscle career

Favorite Gym: MÜV Fitness

Healthy Tips: Stick to a healthy diet but do have cheat days 🙂




Name: Rebecca Smith

Muscular Profession: Chiseled Goddess

Favorite Gym: Crunch Fitness

Healthy Tips: I watch EVERYTHING I consume by using the Fitday.com app.


Name: Amos Matthews

Muscular Profession: Barbells, Dumbells, Deadlifts, Oh my

Favorite Gym: Gold’s Gym

Healthy Tips: Stretching is the single most important aspect of safeguarding your muscles